Peter’s commissions include yachts, portraits, animals, institutions, vistas, and old master copies. Commissioning begins after the client approves an oil study, completed by the artist on site. The process starts with a consultation in which the client describes the desired subject in detail. Peter then produces an oil study for criticism, which is vital to the success of the commission as it acts as a visual contract to establish all the required elements of the painting. If the first study does not satisfy the conditions, a second study is produced. This continues until all the particulars of the painting are clarified. The artist requests 1/3 compensation up front, 1/3 following approval of the study, and final payment upon completion. The artist generally requires 4-8 weeks to complete the painting.

Copies of Original Art

Over the past half a century, Peter has archived techniques from historic manuscripts and replicated these recipes. This knowledge enables him to refabricate the process using original materials and techniques. This process includes grinding specific pigments in oily-resinous mediums, on lead or linen supports, and matching color glazes. Peter has copied original art for insurance purposes, businesses, and estates. Whether from a museum or a private collection, Peter specializes in replicating masterworks from the Renaissance to the Hudson River Valley period.


            Peter restores vintage paintings, by returning the transparent glazes while taking care not to disturb the original patina. By reproducing similar resins and powdered pigments of the original painting, Peter creates the same sheen through an archaeological restoration. His varnish is produced from natural colophony and he urges against the use of synthetic methacrylate. Peter has written extensively on the damage done to collections by over-cleaning the glazes with industrial solvents that burn through the skin of the painting.   

Suffield Academy 24x48 - Copy.JPG